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Improve Your Business with Better Customer Service

Posted by Arleen on Jun 29, 2014 10:16:51 AM


Have you ever said something and then realized it didn't come out quite as you wanted it to? WordPower

Words can be powerful, and choosing the right words can make all the difference. Let's be honest. We all get frustrated at one point or another, but being able to control that frustration is a key skill in keeping good customer relations. In a recent article, "Choosing the Right Words" which appeared in the May Issue of Rental Management Magazine, official magazine of The American Rental Association, the author, Barry Himmel, explains how your tone and choice of words is extremely important in regards to customer interaction, so be sure to choose your words wisely. In the article, Mr. Himmel provides a list of alternatives to phrases that alienate customers. For example, instead of "I can't help you", replace it with "Here is what I can do for you." Read the entire article here.

One of our clients has a sign in their Customer Service Department. It says: "Please put brain in gear before engaging mouth." Great advice!

Use Contact Management Software In Your Daily Operations

Improving your business relationships involves more than just the words you say. It's also important to make your customer feel important and valued. One of the most important ways that you can do this is to remember and reference prior conversations. For example, if there's a product that the customer has been considering for awhile and one of your salespeople has an extensive conversation with the him/her about the product, it would be best to put a note on the customer's account... even schedule a follow-up call to see if they have any other questions or are ready to move forward. Using a good CRM (which stands for "Customer Relationship Management") software can help you do build stronger customer relationships by documenting important events and conversations, and scheduling next tasks to pro-actively help customers have the best experience with your company.

For some, the problem with implementing CRM software is that many of them are just too complex for users and often aren't connected to the day-to-day accounting and business software. Universal Accounting Software's Contact Management module enables you to track activities with both new prospects and existing customers and integrates with the Accounts Receivable module for a seamless history on the customer's activity.

Whatever methods you choose, be sure to seriously consider ways that you can provide better customer service. Your customers will be happier and your bottom line will be healthier!



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