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Get Your Mason Supply Store in Top Shape for Spring

Posted by Neisy Rodriguez on Oct 31, 2016 11:39:06 AM

Things can get pretty whatsyourplanbrick.jpghectic for mason suppliers, especially around Spring and Summer — which are just around the corner! That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of your game during the Fall and Winter months. If you want your next season to be even better, even more organized, and even more profitable than the last busy season, it isn’t going to happen by itself.  You need a plan and you need the right tools to execute that plan.

 Make It Happen at the Front Counter

Ask yourself:  How smooth and efficient is my front counter?  Honestly, is it quick enough? Accurate? Do your employees proactively build revenue by providing the best possible customer experience?

If you want to prepare for the best season ever, then you must have a retail management system that can support your efforts during the “busy season” rush. If your current system isn’t secure or doesn’t empower your staff to process sales quickly and efficiently, then it could hinder rather than help you during the upcoming season’s sales, particularly during those frenzied periods like the contractor morning rush or busy “weekend warrior” lines.

Fortunately, Universal Mason Supply Management Software can give you that much-needed confidence through the busy season!  Universal offers a Point of Sale (POS) Module with flexible user permissions.  This means that you can have complete control over what each employee can see and do. Implementing Universal Mason Supply will create a workflow aligned to your store processes, so you can ensure things run smoothly at all locations and that revenue is maximized. It’s important to run a tight ship over the busy season and make sure that employees only have the ability to perform tasks in line with their role. To really enforce this, our team will help you to set up the roles and permissions correctly in your Universal system. That way, you can easily control who can process returns, perform discounts, void tax with a resale certificate, make price changes, and so on. 

Accurate Inventory is a MUST!

Many mason supply companies share the same complaint. They find it difficult to maintain an accurate picture of their inventory.  Often this leads to running out of product or using valuable purchasing dollars to invest in the wrong products. Then comes the domino effect. Without the right products on hand, products are often on back-order.  Customers are then left waiting for their products to come in. So here’s another self-reflective question:  How well does your store handle customer back-orders? The answer often depends on how well, or poorly, your system handles back-orders.

For example, having a POS system that smoothly integrates with sales order processing and provides precise back order control is priceless. If a contractor places a large order and then picks up product in small batches – even if he comes back multiple times in the same day – your software should be able to accurately track remaining quantities.  And, when you receive product from your vendors, you should immediately be able to know what products need to be turned around to your waiting customers to fulfill their orders.

But improving the efficiency of your front counter is not Universal's only advantage. 

Knowledge is PowerExec Snapshot salespeople.jpg

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to encourage salespeople to work harder and sell more! Universal Mason Supply Software enables you to track their performance to motivate employees.  Whether you pay commissions or not, tracking your staff or stores has never been easier. 

Need to quickly get a snapshot of how your stores are performing? We’ve got that covered, too. With up-to-the-minute inquiry screens and performance charts, you’ll be able to take the pulse of your business at any time.

At Universal, we’re dedicated to helping you succeed. If you are looking for accurate inventory tracking, streamlined fast processing, varied and flexible pricing options, and detailed management reporting, then you need to take a closer look at Universal Mason Supply Software before your next busy season!

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